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{Picture} How Zimsec June Results Appear On The Online Portal

ZIMSEC, Grade 7, O-level, A-level Results Exam papers O Level 2020

Since yesterday when we announced that you can now access your results online, some have been asking us if anybody has successfully viewed their results online. Well, the answer is: Yes some students have accessed their results already. Check out the following screenshot of the results which one student sent us:

A bunch of complains we have been receiving from those attempting to see their results include issues such as failure to load the webpage or failure to log in. I can only say that you have to keep on trying because Zimsec’s (poorly designed) system could be suffocating from a flood of students who will be trying to access their results simultaneously.

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55 thoughts on “{Picture} How Zimsec June Results Appear On The Online Portal

  1. I think it’s unfair for the Board to play with candidates emotions, if the app was not yet ready to launch you should have just waited or fixed the problem, since this is now a different sitting from last. Surely its lack of professionalism or should I say serioness! People have been waiting forever to see their results and u promise that they can view before collection. Then this joke? Please….

  2. The website is working. What you have to do is to first create an account then you use that account to login. Your results will then be presented. I am writing this at 12:23pm on the 18th of August 2019 and confirm that the website is working 100%. Remember first create an account and use the username and password to login.

  3. I have registered an account on the Zimsec portal to view my results but i cant log in it says invalid login attempt so wat should i do

  4. Thank you Zimsec. You have made life easy. It’s working guys. I thnk following instructions is the key esp password. Kana usina kuita type yavanoda haaaaa haulume.

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