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Powertel Vs Africom Vs All Mobile Network Operators: Who Has The Cheapest 1 Gig?

I set out to find out which of the 5 service providers allows you to enjoy 1 gigabyte (GB) worth of internet for the lowest Zim Dollars regardless of the expiration date (daily, weekly or monthly). Here’s what I found out:

Service ProviderData PriceCalculation of price per GB

NB: All the service providers didn’t have data packages that were exactly 1 gig so I took the liberty to calculate the ‘price per gig’ by choosing the first the data package after 1 gig regardless of the package’s expiration date.

The calculation of price per gig was found by diving the price by the data offered by the service provider.

Verdict: Evidently, Powertel has the cheapest gig followed by Telecel, Netone, Africom and lastly, Econet.


As a wise customer, I wouldn’t base my ‘1GB buying decision’ solely on price. Although Powertel is cheap, I’ve had some people complain about both its poor coverage and speed. On the other hand, Econet is expensive but I can testify that its coverage and speed is excellent. So, stay vigilant.

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

11 thoughts on “Powertel Vs Africom Vs All Mobile Network Operators: Who Has The Cheapest 1 Gig?

  1. I once bought powertell US$75 for unlimited internet. It never ever connected to the internet even for a second. Its the worst internet company in zimbabwe. Dont be fooled by the price. Stay well clear of powertel. ZOL and Econet and telone are the only real internet companies in zimbabwe.

    1. ZOL and Netone have the best internet. Econet used to but since these loadsheddings the network is now useless.

  2. NetOne’s $3 (used to be $1) night bundle is pretty sweet and service is quite good. Ever since this option showed up i have pretty much abandoned my Econet and Telecel lines. I am a night owl now. Thanks to power cuts my sleep patterns are out of wack.

  3. I would opt for a consistently reasonable speed, combined with the cheapest data rates, or value for money in our turbulent economy

  4. This calculation gives alot of distortion you can’t ignore period of expiry for example this will mislead customers

  5. Telecel night bundle is useless poor network connection,poor downloading speed.netone offers the best night bundle network connection

  6. Netone provide super fast internet speed as compared to econet. If you look at their data prices is totally showed that netone is more affordable than econet plus econet has low internet speed these days and expensive. It can’t reach 4g network

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