Several Countries To Get DStv Price Cuts


DStv seem like its giving in to competition from StarTimes by reducing prices for its subscriptions in a number of African countries. StarTimes is a Chinese pay-TV company which is gradually gaining a foothold in Africa’s pay-TV market.

Part of StarTimes strategy to gain market share is through lowering prices- which it has done in April that’s why DStv has responded to this by cutting down prices in several countries.

DStv has already notified subscribers in Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya about the new-lowered prices which will take effect on the first of September. Ugandan subscribers, for instance will get a 30% reduction whilst Kenyan subscribers will witness between 5% and 37% price reduction.


About this move, MultiChoice Africa’s head of corporate affairs Reatile Tekateka said:

Each country has different cost structures influenced by local dynamics such as inflation, content costs, foreign exchange rates, local taxes and overheads.

We’ve done a lot of research into what pay-TV costs in other parts of the world and we believe that our DStv and GOtv services offer good value for money in the countries
in which we operate.

Will Zimbabwe’s DStv prices be reduced too?

We have contacted Multichoice Zimbabwe and we are yet to get an answer. I’ll update this article when they get back to us.

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44 thoughts on “Several Countries To Get DStv Price Cuts

  1. What of Nigeria. Startimes is currently gaining ground. Please do something about price reduction in in Nigeria.

  2. Ghana is equally feeling the heat as far far costs of dstv is concerned and so the earlier multichoice considers the better it would be for the company in view of the economic hardships and the stiffer competition here.


  3. Nigeria is the largest market for DSTV and StarTimes in Africa. Due to the vast market for these PayTV companies, the customer subscription prices should be lowest on the African Continent. Please DSTV and StarTimes do something urgently to reward and assuage your teeming subscribers in Nigeria. Thanks!

  4. You consider Nigeria because Star times in gaining ground, any delay in price reduction means losing million customers .pls hurry up

  5. The monopoly by DStv is too much in Nigeria that required an urgent slash down in their exorbitant charges I wish it is on the basis of pay as you go God ‘ll Nigerians from Dstv

    1. It is true ooo, but do startimes has the same package as Dstv? Do they have sports channels like Dstv? I don’t think so,can I know some of the sports channels they have, is there EPL,LA LIGA,SERIA A or any of the top 5 European sports channels on startimes?

      1. Never regretted throwing my DSTV away and getting canal plus which is much cheaper and offer better sports content than DSTV . EPL , La liga , champion league , Europa league , Italian Serie A , French league , Scottish , Turkish league all in Canal Plus at a cheaper price.

  6. The Sports Channels on Compact and compact plus should be same. It is so for the Canal plus TV. Is like the French people are paying less for TV than we the English speaking countries.

  7. It’s true, some dstv subscribers are not able to subscribe anymore because of the high prices in Ghana. Please it us really making us loose interest in it already.

    1. Ghana case will be difficult bro, the system is dollarised and the price of everything changes everyday. As an investor, one will have to be on high side to take care of the risk

  8. Dstv is such an extorting company the money you charge for your package here in Nigeria is too far exorbitant, after you have sent our local free TV parking you now want to impoverished the nation your days are numbered, the earlier you reduce you package by 50% the better it will be for your sustainance

  9. In Ķenya due to DSTV exorbitant prices some subscribers have changed to cheaper packages while others have ceased subscription. Startimes is rapidly gaining group. The 5% to 37% reduction is not good enough. Just match your prices with star times otherwise DSTV is doomed to collapse.

  10. Ishmael From Ghana

    I was contemplating getting a DSTV but my boss asked if I don’t have anything ton use my money for?
    I think DSTV prices are exorbitant in Ghana and most of my friends have dumped their DSTV already.

  11. I am Zambian/Malawi. I just found enough reason now to stop my DSTV subscription. By close of business today, I will be connected to Startimes and throw away DSTV decoder.

    1. You are right DSTV as taken advantage of Zambians prices are high and percentage of movies are repeats at the same time they considered all subscribers the as if they are soccer fans for us who like movies it’s repeats and repeats

  12. Am in Zimbabwe and the word exhorbitant can not explain hw much expensive dstv is in our country its now something for the elite only thanx to open view SA at least I can now watch tv otherwise I would have sold my tv long ago please dstv review your US$ charges in Zim

  13. I subscribed to compact plus extra view paying 255gh every month. It’s super expensive and in addition DSTV dont even have rights to air Europa league and other interesting leagues. Value for money is lost. I am suggesting a pay as you go system or a package for sports only. Why do I have to pay for contents I do not watch at all? Is it reasonable? That’s the pure definition of extortion!!! Its high time you drastically do something about this situation or you gonna lose customers

  14. Yes is a good development to hear that dstv is slashing it subscription in some of African countries what about Nigeria a question to be answered .We will appreciate if such is done in Nigeria .Thanks

  15. Sorry my girlfriend has already called startimes installers to fix hers because of recent increment in price, startimes has more chenels and lower price compelled to dstv. Any I will go for her decoder but will use as a decoration in my sitting room.

  16. Waaal what a great relieve by DStv to reduce costs in some African countries and Zimbabwe is no expection since the inflation is in its intensive care but hoping to get a fair share in the reduction drive

  17. Yes,the word extortion has been used severally here in connection with DSTV subscription. I don’t blame them anyway, we Nigerians must blame ourselves. Why should South Africans be the ones to offer us PayTV and Telecom while we have billionaires littering the streets of Nigeria? They will rather stockpile our money in graveyards, tanks, or deposit them in foreign banks. What a shame!

  18. In fact DSTV has really made it tough for some of us to continue it’s activation. Never regretted switching to Startimes Which gives me affordable and entertaining packages!

  19. The most annoying is that you can’t even enjoy your dstv channels when it starts drizzling after paying these high subscriptions.
    Multi choice, you better reduce your prices or else we go for StarTimes

  20. My husband is no longer using his DSTV to view his epl matches three months ago cos of high subscription fee of 205Gh per 30 days.He now goes to pay 15Gh.per match at a commercial DSTV operator which he thinks is also too much for 30 days .DSTV should also cut down fees to 120 gh a month

  21. DStv is Nothing to write home about all their programs are repetition. If startimes can give them a fight I will dump the DStv decoder.

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