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Standard Chartered Adds Mobile Keyboard & EcoCash Self-Service To Their Banking App

Back in July, Standard Chartered launched their SC Mobile Banking application which does a lot of the stuff you used to visit the branch for on your phone.

Added to this application is a keyboard that has features which enable users to send money, pay bills & view their balances directly from any app with a chat capability on their smartphone.

The keyboard works just like any other keyboard application but the only difference is that it has a special key which then enables all the advanced banking features.

Whilst individual customers can use the app, clients with SME/Corporate accounts are not supported in the SC Keyboard.

In terms of security, Standard claims their app is secure and does not interface with any application you’re chatting with be it WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessenger etc. They didn’t mention anything about Standard receiving data from the keyboard, however, so it’s not entirely clear what their approach will be.

EcoCash self-service support

Another addition made to the application is EcoCash self-service registration which allows clients to link their EcoCash wallet to their Standard Chartered Bank account for Wallet to Bank and Bank to Wallet services without having to follow the previous process of visiting the branch.

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3 thoughts on “Standard Chartered Adds Mobile Keyboard & EcoCash Self-Service To Their Banking App

  1. Techzim used to write better reviews. Put pictures, at least, as you can’t always describe a feature effectively using words.

    When you aren’t sure about something, ask? You could have asked Standard Chartered if their keyboard collects data. Alternatively, you can investigate on your own.

    Otherwise, the article itself adds very little to what the title betrays.

  2. How do you access the ecocash self service? I have searched the app and can’t find it

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