Yo Mix Adds Fuel Finder To List Of Features


The most recent Yo Mix update comes with an interesting feature – a fuel finder. Whilst the update is welcome it’s a bit interesting coming from Yo Mix.

The fuel finder is really simple – you simply open up Yo Mix > Services > Fuel Finder. A map will open up with fuel icons scattered all over the map. The icons are colour coded as follows:

  • Fuel available – Blue
  • Maybe available – Orange
  • No fuel – Red

It’s not clear how often the application will be updated to reflect accurate updates but this is a welcome feature. The ability to add notifications for certain service stations and the type of fuel you want will also be a feature that can be added in future and make the app more efficient.


Users can update the status of fuel stations by clicking on the station and selecting whether there’s diesel or petrol.

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Imi Vanhu Musadaro
one year ago

Useful, or not, this feature doesn’t belong in this app. It’s like adding a calculator to WhatsApp.

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    one year ago

    Surely makes more sense on Sasai if you have to bake that into an app

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    one year ago

    True there bro ,

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one year ago

Havazi vakutsvaga ma downloads ne demo here lol 😂 😝 😆

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one year ago

thats not viable in such an app

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