Mthuli Ncube Says 2% Tax Will Still Be Levied & He Explains Why

We all have been wondering if today’s court ruling puts an end to the collection of the 2% tax. Finally, Finance Minister, Mthuli Ncube has issued a statement saying that you will stay pay the tax despite the court’s ruling because Statutory Instrument 205/2018 (which was found to be illegal today) was validated by under Finance Act by the parliament. Here’s the Minister’s reponse:

Still, questions asked in the article about implications of the court ruling are still relevant.


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6 thoughts on “Mthuli Ncube Says 2% Tax Will Still Be Levied & He Explains Why

  1. If they amended the law, that’s all fine and good. But, we all deserve a rebate, if the government is being run by law abiding citizens.

  2. Even with double taxes the government is taking from already poor zimbabweans the government is not providing any service to its people who did not have healthy system even natural resource like water is not available. Check if any swipe to buy a commodity that is tax included prior the 2% is taken again this means its double tax

  3. Mthuli you are a thief, so we must go back to court because all you are working on is making sure ordinary people suffer so as to enrich your masters.

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