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CBZ Warns Customers About Circulating Email They Should Ignore

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CBZ has issued a warning to it’s customers about an email that’s circulating which is asking them to click a certain link.

Why you should ignore the email and never click the link

By asking a receiver to click a certain link and put some details in a form, the ciminals will be ‘phishing’. Phishing is a decades old scam that many people and businesses are still falling victim to. According to Avanan’s phishing report, 1 in every 99 emails is a phishing attack.

At the most basic level, here’s how a phishing scam works:

You receive an urgent message of some sort. It’s from a trusted source (e.g., your bank or a store you shop at online). The email looks real – it even uses the logo of your bank.

The email asks you to click on a (malicious) link that takes you to a fake log-in page or a page asking you to grant permission. As you enter your information on the fake log-in page such as credit card numbers and passwords, criminals will be collecting that information and use it later to swindle your money. This is how the hackers get your personal data – you unknowingly give it to them, all while thinking you’re just logging into one of your accounts.

Image credit: BankInfoSecurity

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