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Here’s What You Now Get When You Buy Khuluma 24/7 Bundles

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Netone has just repacked it’s popular Khuluma 24/7 Bundles. Before today, Netone offered 4 kinds of Khuluma bundles but now it offers 3. Check out what you now pay and get in return:

The $3 and $5 Khuluma bundle previously gave you 28 minutes and 50 minutes, respectively. Other reviews came in the form of new expiration times for the $3 and $5 Khuluma bundles- the $3 bundle now expires in 48hours instead of the previous 72 hours and the $5 bundle now expires in 72 hours instead of the previous 120 hours. Is the review of Khuluma 24/7 bundles still offer good deals?

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