Is ‘Data Rollover’ Facility Available To Every ZOL User? Your Answer


It was on the 24th of June when ZOL users received perhaps the best news from their service provider this year. The news was that unused data could now be rolled over the following month.


Data rollover itself is almost self-explanatory. In simple terms, if your plan/package comes with 20GB of data to use in a given month and you use 300MB in 1 month, a service provider that supports data rollover would shift the “unused” 200MB into your available pool of data for the following month.

Anyway, there are a couple of Wibroniks who asked me whether data rollover is for every ZOL user (Fibroniks &Wibroniks customers) or not. Well, the answer is that the data rollover facility is available for Fibroniks customers only and not for Wibroniks users. Check out my conversation with ZOL’s customer support team this morning:


As you can see, not everyone was invited to the party by ZOL.Rolling over data is sometimes used by service providers as a drawcard to pull more customers. However, rolling over data is a facility which service providers world over are not really fond of since it eats away their monthly revenues.

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  1. Telone still reasonable… I’m in fibre paying 380 for 500gb… Getting 20mbps… Use the adsl at work very reliable

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