LinkedIn’s New Skill Assesment Validates Your Skills In Certain Areas

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LinkedIn is social media for grown-ups and in line with the no-nonsense approach that most of us take once we go there, they’ve introduced a new Skill Assesment feature that allows “recruiters and hiring managers to more effectively pinpoint which candidates are a good match on the basis of proven skills.”

Hiring is one of the most difficult aspects of management (or at least that’s what the person who hired me constantly says). LinkedIn’s new tool will allow users to take standardized, short-form assessments to showcase select skills directly on their profile. These assessments will come in a variety of forms – Microsoft excel, Photoshop and JavaScript are the ones explicitly mentioned by LinkedIn.

The white-collar social media entity says the assessments are produced by independent industry experts and users pass these by scoring in the 70th percentile or above (over 70% basically) and those who have passed can decide whether or not they want to display their badge on their profile or not.

The feature is meant to help companies hiring find the right fit quickly and will allow companies to search based on passed skills.

Job posters will also be able to recommend that applicants take a skill assessment when applying for their open posts – and they will be notified of which candidates passes

LinkedIn Skill Assessments will be rolling out to all English speaking members globally over the next few months on Mobile and Desktop.

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