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NetOne Has Gained 200 000 Subscribers Over The Past 2 Months

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As we continue unpacking Lazarus Muchenje’s interview with Trevor Ncube more interesting tidbits of information continue to come out. The CEO shared that over the past two months they have grown their subscriber base significantly: by 200 000 customers if we’re being exact.

Just in the past two months alone, we have grown our subscriber base by 200 000. Our subscriber base when we started 2018 was only 2 million, so if I was growing at that rate I would’ve grown to 2 million in 20 months which took us 20 years to achieve.

Lazarus Muchenje – NetOne CEO

More interestingly, Muchenje also noted that the Average Revenue Per User had gone up and is now higher than that of their competitors;

Our spend per customer has gone up more than 5 times. Now you would understand when you look previously that the spend per customer on NetOne was always lower than all the other networks.

Muchenje – NetOne CEO

For a long time, we (Techzim) voiced our concern regarding NetOne’s promotions which were great for customers but ultimately useless for the company as it wasn’t making money from these.

It seems NetOne has finally found a way of moving away from these popularity contest promotions whilst growing their subscriber base and average revenue per user which should be a recipe for success if they can sustain the trend.

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One thought on “NetOne Has Gained 200 000 Subscribers Over The Past 2 Months

  1. That’s not a sustainable business model in Zim… Basic purpose of a business is to satisfy customers’ needs, while making a reasonable profit… Anything other than that, the business is not sustainable in the medium to long term, as there are competitors out there.

    My take is that the CEO is being economic with the truth, for public relations purposes.

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