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RBZ Governor Responds To Circulating $10 & $25 Coins Images


And again the Governor he’s pissed off by social media. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor, Dr. John Mangudya has dismissed images circulating on social media of coins that the central bank is allegedly about to introduce. He told the Herald:

It’s all fake news; I don’t know what is happening back home.There is nothing like that (about new coins going to be introduced).

I think there is a lot that is happening underground because the intensity of what is going on is alarming. We can do with less bad news as a country. This bad news is unhelpful to the economy.


The “fake news” is spreading just over a month after Finance Minister, Mthuli Ncube promised to introduce a new currency in the foreseeable future. As it is, the makeshift Zim dollar which comprises of bond notes and coins and RTGS balances is losing its value so bad so the government is hoping that a new currency that will be introduced under the right conditions will revitalise the economy.

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one year ago

aren’t those coins from gono ‘zero to hero’ days where zeros where slashed?

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Anesu Michael Maposa
one year ago

These coins are from 2003 see the link below.

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one year ago

Toita zviripo

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