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This App Lets You Install Third-party iOS Apps Without Jailbreaking


Apple is very strict about any App installation on any iPhone or iPad. Apple doesn’t allow its users to install any App other than from Apple’s app store. To install third-party apps, you need to ‘jailbreak’ your device. This scenario has been changed by Riley Testut, who has developed an alternative App store called AltStore for installing iOS Apps without jailbreaking. Surprised! Well, that’s true.

How AltStore Bypass Apple’s Privacy & Security Policy?

AltStore is basically an App store developed for the iOS operating system and is compatible with all the iOS versions including the latest iOS 13. AltStore put to use a rarely known developer feature which enables them to install Apps developed through Xcode (Apple’s development toolkit) using their Apple ID. You can download AltStore here.

How You Can Install Apps From AltStore?

To make use of AltStore, you should be an Apple user and holds a valid Apple ID. For Installing Apps from AltStore, AltStore needs your Apple ID and password to connect you with the Apple developer server. Riley Testut has assured that the credentials will be safe and secure and won’t ever be shared on a third-party server.

Alstore is a blessing for developers who wants to test their newly developed Apps because Apple costs them 99 $ a year. And for end user- they will now be exposed to a variety of more apps which haven’t made the cut to be on Apple store.

However, as with jailbreaking your iPhone, AltStore will take you away from the safety of Apple’s ‘walled garden’ and dump you into an exciting, but occasionally dangerous land filled with good apps and bad apps, crashy apps and malware. A bit like being an Android user.

As of now, AltStore is under development and has a long way to go. Delta NES Emulator is the only App available in the AltStore. Testut is treating this project as an open-source and so any developer who’s interested to know about its coding can check the source code on Github.

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