Watch: RBZ Deputy Governor Speaking On Zim Dollar & Exchange Rate

Zimbabwe currency, $5, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

RBZ Deputy Governor, Dr Kupukile Mlambo go at length talking about the status of the economy, Zim dollar and exchange rate.

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One thought on “Watch: RBZ Deputy Governor Speaking On Zim Dollar & Exchange Rate

  1. No disrespect, but this man is out of touch with reality! There’s no psychology of the dollar. The USD is simply a stable currency to trade in, look at the events of the past two weeks, how the local currency value has been shredded. Money is what money does, if it can’t retain value then all the other qualities fall on the wayside, how can it be used as a standard of deferred payments? The problem is there is no economic productive activity to back up our currency. The real economy should equal monetary economy, simple! But without the basics, electricity, water and fuel, how can industries function. Can he share like to what’s happening to all the forex that they are hoarding after 30 days from people’s nostro accounts, this just goes to show that there is gross mismanagement of funds, they themselves said earlier this year that the country was making enough money to buy required amount of fuel and electricity, but that people where not converting there forex using formal channels in this article,

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