ZESA Wants To Increase Tarrifs Again

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Despite not having electricity for the better part of the day, ZESA is considering to hike it’s power tarrifs again just last month. According to a report by Equity Axis, ZESA CEO, Eddington Mazambani told the Portfolio Committee on Energy and Power Development that the adverse movements in exchange rates and increase in inflation is forcing the state-owned electricity provider to review upwards it’s tarrifs. From Equity Axis’ report:

As inflation and exchange rates continue on an upward trend, the energy supply authority has indicated that it will be reviewing upwards the current power tariffs to help boost its operational efficiencies.

This was revealed on Thursday 19th of September 2019 during the Portfolio Committee on Energy and Power Development receiving oral submissions from the ministry representatives and various stakeholders on pre-budget consultations.


ZESA’s CEO reportedly said the company has already incurred a loss of $4 million owing to the unexpected change in exchange rates.

Beginning of last month, ZESA increased its tarrifs by three-fold from ZWL9.86c/ kWh to an average of ZWL27c/kWh for domestic users. However, the free-falling Zim Dollar which has lost 82% of it’s value since February has rendered August’s tarrif hike useless.

August’s tarrif hike was accompanied by a new tarrif model which penalizes heavy electricity users. What’s interesting,though, is that despite last month’s increase and this new tarrif model, load shedding hasn’t even lessened.

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4 thoughts on “ZESA Wants To Increase Tarrifs Again

  1. F&*king madness and for what when u guys can’t even try and help us out by trying to give is a bit of power during the day. So bloody unfair. Well the big guys sit with power and haven’t paid in over 10 years. What happened to you switching them like u promised and let others have use of that power. People that actually pay

  2. Ladies and Gentlemen for years this electricity which we are crying with increase ,the Government of our Country has and was subsiderings for us and refusing ZESA Company to increase, its because most Zimbabweans you do not follow what will be happening in our beautiful country Zimbabwe, looking at our country with a negative mind always. ZESA according to our Minister of Energy Chasi indicated that its not generating at full capacity ,its below half of its generation meaning most of power we are using is import which needs those creases Zesa is talking about, you are feeling it now because the load is now on us as the owners of the ZESA Company ,which is you and me who are Zimbabweans.

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