Chakachaya paSasai Promotion Might Finally Incentivise People To Start Using Sasai

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Sasai has been around for a while now. Unfortunately, no one outside of Cassava/Econet can really know how well the chat app is doing because they haven’t shared the number of active users. The application has been downloaded by over 100 000 users which is no small feat but I remember Econet celebrating similar milestones with Kwese’s iflix and look at how that ended.

Anyway, the recently announced Chakachaya paSasai promotion looks to change all that and have you using the local chat app as your primary chat application. Every 2MB you use within Sasai will earn you one point and those points will be used to determine who stands a chance to win the following prizes;

  • 5 Houses
  • 50 Samsung Galaxy A30s
  • $100 data every week until the promotion is over
  • 50 Samsung Tabs
  • And a bunch of other prizes

Oh, you also have to send 10 numbers of people you chat with on Sasai to 0787500000 to actually enter the competition.

Will it work?

Well, it’s an interesting promotion that has me considering using the Sasai app but the only problem for me is that most of my contacts simply aren’t on the application. Using the app whilst competing for prizes is a good way to ensure that people who weren’t using the application start doing so but I’m not entirely sure how long these users stay after the promotion is over.

If a bulk of my contacts are still on WhatsApp and as soon as the promotion is over I’ll probably just slowly go back to using WhatsApp. It’s the same reason why I couldn’t switch to Telegram even though I feel like it’s actually better than WhatsApp. I don’t think Sasai is better than WhatsApp so it will be difficult convincing me to stay beyond this competition. Maybe I’m a gold digger, but I have a feeling many other users might be like me.


What’s your take?

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