EcoCash Dismisses Fake News About Money In EcoCash Wallets


You’ve probably seen a disturbing message circulating that’s saying EcoCash has been ordered to clear money in people’s wallets by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Well, now EcoCash has come out saying that it’s purely fake news.

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one year ago

Its only idiots who spread such lies.

Money in your wallet is like money in a bank account; you can’t just “delete” fogures to zero. Even if it’s proved to be “dirty” money, it is forfeited to the state.

I guess I am not an idiot myself kkkkk coz I fail to understand why someone upright upstairs would want to cause unnecessary panic among our less informed members of society.

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    one year ago

    our minister did home economics at school

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    Imi Vanhu Musadaro
    one year ago

    People believe these things because our government has done things that go against reasoning and sound economic principles, like changing US dollars into Zim dollars. If they redollarize, poof…, your RTG$ balances will be obliterated and effectively zeroed.

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