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UPDATE: EcoCash Was Down For Just About 40 Minutes Maybe Not The Promised Outage

Update: EcoCash is now working again. It’s not clear if the downtime was in relation to the RBZ directive or if they were performing some maintenance of some sort. We are reaching out to EcoCash representatives to find out.

When EcoCash services were not accessible from around 9 am we thought EcoCash was not playing when they said they would have to pull down their system in order to comply with the RBZ’s order to stop cash-in and cash-out.

EcoCash explained that they would have to temporarily shut down in order to comply with the directive and it seemed to be the case when both the EcoCash USSD and application were not accessible.

It’s not clear whether this outtage for some 40 or so minutes is what they had hinted at as being necessary for them to comply with the RBZ order.

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18 thoughts on “UPDATE: EcoCash Was Down For Just About 40 Minutes Maybe Not The Promised Outage

    1. My ecocash isn’t working my dad just sent me money and the money isn’t reflecting in my account

  1. this is nonsense this guy is tarnishing the techzim brand have noticed he’s always the one quick to publish unverified stuff, ecocash is up and running stop publishing lies Farai

  2. it was working
    you need a new phone my guy

    makutsvaga relevance nepaisingade sa ……………………………..

  3. You know I don’t like to have my balls in a vice . . . . this Econet company seems to have my Balls in a Vice . . . seems to have the Countries Balls in a vice, and they squeeze when they see fit to have their way.

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