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Econet New Data Bundle Pricing: $52 For 1.2 GB

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When Econet changed the tariffs for voice, data and texting they didn’t change the pricing for smart data bouquets. They have done so a day later and as expected the cost of mobile data has risen once again for Econet subscribers and as it stands the bundle prices are not even close to being competitive with NetOne and Telecel.

The new daily bundles will now set you back the following sums:

  • 40MB – $6
  • 150MB – $15
  • 250MB – $20
  • 600MB – $30
  • 1200MB – $52

Whilst Econet and NetOne have adjusted pricing around similar times, at the time of writing NetOne hasn’t adjusted their pricing and their bundles are much more competitive than what is being dangled by Econet. Where $20 gets you 250MB with Econet, the same amount gets NetOne subscribers 1GB of data. 4 times the data allowance for a similar price.

It’s interesting to note that economic conditions have regressed so badly that for Econet’s new packages a dollar is getting you 6.6MB, 10MB, 12.5MB, 20MB and 23MB respectively.

Just a few months ago a single dollar was netting subscribers 250MB and two dollars actually getting you a GB.

Weekly data bundles now look like this:

  • 25MB – $4.5
  • 60MB – $9
  • 160MB – $21
  • 350MB – $42
  • 700MB – $82

Monthly data bundles have also been adjusted:

  • 270MB – $42
  • 700MB – $105
  • 1.15GB – $165
  • 2.1GB – $270
  • 3.1GB – $345

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3 thoughts on “Econet New Data Bundle Pricing: $52 For 1.2 GB

  1. NetOne pricing is in line with its ratio of looting of public funds, so comparison with Econet a private entity is a non-starter!

  2. Great article, thank you. May I please make a suggestion in wording of the article title. I think it would be better to indicate the period for the amount of data one gets from the money, e.g ‘…$1 for 52GB Daily’. I had initially thought that the data would last a month.

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