Econet Voice Tariffs Are Actually More Expensive Than They Initially Announced

When Econet initially announced the new tariffs for voice calls, it seems they made a mistake. The new 83c/minute (or $0.0160) tariff shared by Econet’s official social media page acknowledged that these tariffs were inclusive of taxes

Take note of the “All prices are inclusive of tax” disclaimer at the bottom left

It seems there might have been some sort of mistake as the tariffs on Econet’s website which also claim to be inclusive of tax actually state that the voice tariff for local calls will be $0.9630. Yuhp, basically a dollar per minute.

Interestingly off-net charges are marginally lower at 93c for every minute.


International calls

International calls are always more expensive and the new tariffs won’t suddenly change that. International calls will range from $5.55/minute-$243/minute. The $243/minute will be for the areas hardest to reach so that shouldn’t alarm subscribers too much. There are 6 other international call groups before that and these are much cheaper than the $243/minute.

PS: SMS and data pricing remain unchanged from prior announced tariffs

Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge

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21 thoughts on “Econet Voice Tariffs Are Actually More Expensive Than They Initially Announced

  1. You can’t compare Econet and NetOne. Econet is on it’s own league way far from its competitors. Check what they are offering and have been offering. It’s pretty obvious they are offering real value

    1. There are no comparisons made in the article.

      Anyway, since you brought it up, *VALUE* is very subjective. In my experience, when used in comments and arguments, those who reference it have no points to bring to the table.

      With regards to tariffs, what *VALUE* is Econet offering over the other networks? Please enlighten us.

  2. Buddie invest more on overlay services that feed off the internet & broadband networks! These guys have been introducing innovative products to their consumers and we can’t expect them to offer something similar to their competitors kaaaa! Iam yet to see how many new products NetOne and Telecel have offered so far in terms of changing the game in the industry!

  3. Let’s be fair, here, i checked on both tariffs and there is no much difference in terms in their charges! On DATA both are offering $0.19/MB so it’s a homogeneous price across. No one is expensive here but what differs is in the structuring of the bundles only.

    1. To the point of fairness, which aspect of the article was not fair?
      Didn’t really mention anything about “DATA” in this particular article but your point is well received… What about data bundles? Is there also a “homogeneous” price across those?

      1. Comrade are u doing PR for Techzim by the way! Let customers comment what they want simple. It shows someone out there is following you guys!

  4. Let’s draw conclusions on the overall tariff increase across! Cost of Data/Voice/SMS is still cheaper in the region.Plus all mobile providers are offering the same this time. Re-check. The problem with NetOne is that the don’t offer much of Value added services to keep customers exciting in using their services like the Buddie guys. Telecel is even worse.

    1. Maybe cite some of these value-added services so other commenters and myself are on the same page with you.
      “All mobile providers are offering the same this time”
      Never said NetOne or Telecel are cheaper at any point in the article. In fact, my colleague published an article with Telecel and NetOne’s tariffs shortly after I published mine. Was just working with the facts available to me at the time of writing.

      1. I think u can’t write an article and be following up people trying to defend or prove yourself to them. Its not proper Mr Farai. These are people that feel the way they feel of whatever that you have gave them.

        1. I’m glad that’s what you think. I’m even more glad that you took your time to comment. We value the engagement and I don’t think I attacked anyone but was just trying to provide clarity/context to those who had commented and in some cases even have a conversation with the readers. If you feel otherwise, maybe this is one of those incidents where we disagree amicably?

  5. I am failing to understand the new NetOne prices: It’s cheaper to call other networks than calling its own network.Lol this is awkward for real. The opposite must be true! Ayway, i will stick with my buddie line since the charges are the same all over. I will stick with my selfCare things and YoMix than anything else.

  6. According to one source ” 60% of people like or comment on post without even reading it!”
    Basing on some comments here, it may be true after all.
    Don’t take it personally, Farai.

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