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Gamers Assemble, Sony Confirms PS5 To Release Next Year

Sony has confirmed that their next-generation console – which will be called the PlayStation 5 (surprise!)- will be released towards the end of 2020.

Amongst changes that will be coming to PS5 include a revised controller with the following;

  • Replacement of the current rumble (vibration) technology that Sony has been using since the first generation PlayStation.
  • Adaptive triggers which will affect how you use the L2/R2 buttons on the controller. Players will be able to program the resistance of these buttons. The Verge says players will be able to feel the tension when they draw a bow in-game as an example.
  • The next-gen controller is rumoured to closely resemble the current DualShock 4 on the PlayStation 4.
  • USB-C enabled controllers
  • A bigger battery
  • Improved speakers

I’m a bit surprised the speakers will be improved considering that they weren’t used too often on this current generation. Maybe Sony feels that was because the quality wasn’t great. As a consumer, I must admit I’m always amused when developers make use of the controller’s speakers.

Previously shared details about the next-gen console confirmed that the new console will have an SSD instead of a hard-drive which leaves developers and gamers salivating at the potential reduction in load times,

Another confirmed detail is that the console will have ray-tracing capability. Whilst this is extremely exciting news it does make me question just how expensive this console will be if they can pack in a GPU with ray-tracing capabilities. Of course, the ray-tracing capabilities were not demoed so we can’t guess if it’ll be a cheaper GPU with these functions on a limited scale or if it’s top-notch specs.

PS: It won’t look like the cover image used for the article. That’s believed by some to be a dev kit of the PS5 and not the final retail version

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