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Longer Power Cuts From Today As ZESA Takes Load Shedding To Stage 2

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Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has just notified the public that load shedding will go to stage 2 from today. This has been caused by a “shortage of capacity” faced by South Africa’s Eskom, which exports electricity to Zimbabwe through ZETDC.

NewZwire reports that Zimbabwe’s 400 Megawatts deal with South Africa stipulates that during this time when Eskom implements its own stage 2 of load shedding, it reduces domestic electricity exports to Zimbabwe to zero but electricity exports for businesses “are reduced proportionally to the load shedding stage”.

All along I thought that currently load shedding was being implemented at stage 2- but apparently we were at stage 1. At stage 1 we spent, at least, 12 hours without electricity, now can you imagine how many hours we will spend without electricity on stage 2?

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30 thoughts on “Longer Power Cuts From Today As ZESA Takes Load Shedding To Stage 2

    1. KKKKK true dat, cause already we have 18-20 hr power cuts, and you will hear some1 saying zanu pf positioned to win the elections in 2023

  1. Currently we have been having 5am to 11pm with no power. Sometimes up to 11.30pm. Clearly the whole country was facing 12hour shifts while Msasa Park was on an 18 hour shift. Whichever Zesa employee was dumped by a resident from my hood, please forgive them and move on!

  2. Zesa tariffs are nolonger bearable at all. Where i live i can see a desert in the next 6 months. All wild animals will be left with nothing to devour. Global warming is being accelerated while we attend foras on climate change each and every time its staged.

  3. This article is misleading.. Does the tweet say FROM TODAY or does it specifically mentions TODAY.. Because if the reporter says from today it means it will be an ongoing thing from the date specified. Otherwise it only seems like ESCOM and ZEDTC was making reference to today only. – Ndazvionawo ndega here?

    1. I am on the verge of closing my business. I am only getting zesa from 11pm to 4:30am I don’t know which phase is that.

    2. Hehehede imi, kwanai imi maSanctions acho munombonyatsomanzwisisa here kana kut ndimi vaya vaya vanongotorana nezvavanzwa vachifamba nazvo🤣

  4. At least Eskom actually informs its customers when power is going and returning back, which helps to make decisions but our home grown ZETDC can’t even have such simple decency to do the same.

    I really don’t know what’s wrong with us

  5. God have mercy to our leaders mmm .. Hatifunge kna ichri loadsheding iyi hakusi kuda kungoomeserana pachedu hre uku

  6. There is power available from Mozambique via the 400MW Cahora Bassa-Zimbabwe interconnector. Why is this power not being imported? Warped priorities?

  7. It’s about time that we learn the government is not for us and whoever is not for you is against you. We need to find self-sustaining solutions, complaints cannot be a solution, otherwise we will take our complaints to the grave

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