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South African Government To Pass Cyber Bill Similar To Ours

South African government will be revising their Cybercrime bill and it contains a number of similarities with the cybersecurity bill that recently got cabinet approval, here in Zimbabwe.

Similar new offences to be regulated by the bill as per include;

  • Data messages which incite damage to property or violence;
  • Data messages which threaten persons with damage to property or violence;
  • Distribution of data message which contains an intimate image without that person’s consent.

These regulations are exactly the same as some of those found in our cybercrime bill. The South African bill will include fines of upto R150 000 (US$9880), upto two years in prison or both.

For the sending of unsolicited intimate images in which the sender is identifiable in the image, they may end up paying a fine of upto R300 000 (US$19700+).

The bill was drafted back in July and has been signed into law. It will only come into effect on a date decided on by President Ramaphosa.

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