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Teen Girl Dies After Phone Explodes On Her Pillow While Asleep

A 14-year-old girl from Kazakhstan lost her life for doing something a lot of you might be doing every single night without even realizing. She played some music just like everyone else, plugged her smartphone into the charger, and kept the phone on her pillow. The next morning, she was found dead as her smartphone had exploded.

According to forensic experts, the smartphone had overheated and the battery explode which took her life with it. The paramedics arrived at the location were helpless since it was too late to rescue her from the burns.

The brand of the smartphone she had been using was not disclosed to the public. Fake accessories such as chargers and batteries are usually attributed to battery explosions. But there is no information if she had been using the official charger and battery that came with the device or not.

However, this is a wake-up call for everyone who keeps smartphones beside them during sleep. Even if you keep it near the bed, make sure it is not plugged into the charger or a power bank to avoid this sort of incident.

Image credit: PaceTechnical

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One thought on “Teen Girl Dies After Phone Explodes On Her Pillow While Asleep

  1. Its a terrible and unfortunate incident. It just drives home the need for thermal overload protection to be built in to every device with significant capacity, regardless of whether it has fast charging tech or not.

    The thermal cutoff point on my phone seems pretty high though (almost can’t hold onto it), but I guess it comes with the rapid charging territory. I now charge it directly on ceramic floors or on an improvised stand when i can to avoid this issue.

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