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WhatsApp Working On Self Destructing Messages To Increase Privacy

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At a time where government authorities want messaging apps like WhatsApp to reveal messages to authorities and put backdoor access within their apps, WhatsApp is working on a feature that will definitely frustrate authorities trying to counter crimes.

The popular messaging app is testing out a Disappearing Messages feature which will allow messages to disappear from a chat after certain time intervals (5 seconds and 1 hour right now).

Whilst this is a cool feature that users will welcome with open arms it might be one of those features that can be used to organise crime in a manner that’s difficult to track – something governments are already concerned about when it comes to popular messaging applications that are encrypted.

WhatsApp BetaInfo noted that the feature is still in its early stages and does not have an estimated date when it will be available for users and considering that WhatsApp takes their sweet time when it comes to developing new features (we’re still waiting for Dark Mode) we might be waiting for the feature for a while.

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