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Update: ZESA Increases Minimum Amount Of Tokens You Can Buy On EcoCash & OneMoney

The minimum amount of ZESA tokens you can buy through EcoCash has been increased from $10 to $20.

EcoCash posted the message on their social media accounts:

Dear valued customer

Please note that ZETDC has set the minimum purchase amount of electricity tokens at ZW$20 for all service providers effective 18 October 2019. The minimum electricity token purchase on EcoCash has therefore been set at ZW$20.

Live Life the EcoCash Way

Update: NetOne has also sent out the same message;

Considering that tariffs have been increased on multiple occasions since the introduction of the $10 minimum charge from a year ago its not surprising that the minimum threshold has been increased.

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7 thoughts on “Update: ZESA Increases Minimum Amount Of Tokens You Can Buy On EcoCash & OneMoney

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  2. Following the hike in tariffs, I saw it coming. Otherwise you could buy the $10 token at 5am and it gets used up before breakfast prep on a 2 plate stove is done. Power cuts will help ensure that the $20 token takes you through for 3 months.
    Meanwhile, you have spent $1500 on other sources of energy.

  3. You guys need to write correct article titles. Unless you intentionally meant to create confusion. ZESA increased the minimum tariff for ALL service providers. Initially, one would think EcoCash and OneMoney were targeted, or that the increase only applied to them.

  4. I tried to buy last night for $20 with Ecocash and they said the minimum is now $50. Haven’t seen official communication to that effect though 🙁

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