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Update: ZESA New Tariffs: Over 200% Increment In How Much You’ll Pay

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ZESA promised a tariff increment and today they’ve delivered on that promise.

The new tariffs that domestic customers pay for power have been significantly increased;

There’ll be a fixed monthly charge of $6.08 and then the following charges depending on the KWh’s used:

  • 1st 50 KWh – $0.41
  • 51KWh – 200KWh – $0.91
  • Balance – $3.87

ZESA made a video explaining how their new tariff system works

The tiered pricing system encourages consumers to use less electricity as you’ll be charged more as you break the 50KWh and 150KWh threshholds.

Consumers were currently paying around US2-3c/KWh but the new increment will see them pay around US12c which is aligned closely with pricing of electricity by our regional neighbours.

Institutions along with commercial and industrial players will be charged for energy depending on whether they are using power during Peak, standard or off-peak times

ZESA’s statement regarding the new tariffs noted that the pricing of tariffs will be subject to review on a monthly basis.

Update: We failed to mention that 200% in the title is dependant on how much electricity you buy.Apologies for that. In order to better illustrate the difference between pricing here’s an example below:

Buying 200KWh before cost:
i) for the first 50 – $0.06 * 50 = $3
ii) for the remaining 150 – 150 * $0.30 = $45
Total = $48

Now buying 200KWh will cost
i) First 50 – $0.41 * 50 = $20.5
ii) Remaining 150 – $0.91* 150 = $136
Total = $157

In this case, the percentage would actually be above 300%. We also realised that putting percentages on something this context-dependent is perhaps not the best way to go about it and we will do better next time.

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14 thoughts on “Update: ZESA New Tariffs: Over 200% Increment In How Much You’ll Pay

  1. SICK AND TIRED OF THIS!!! Why is it that the only time they deliver on promises are promises that fleece the already impoverished!

  2. This just shows you the deepening corruption by government state entities for decades of theft and neglect of the infrastructure. Government officials and state entities using Zesa for years without paying a penny. And now just as always they f**k the starving people. This president is nothing but a f**king criminal coward. Family of trained criminals. And this MF sits back and watch this shit happen and does not say a word about Zimbabweans that now will completely drown. 400% increase. But they give civil servants and 76% pay increase. Now buying Zesa will consume their whole pay every month. This Mnangagwa group of thieves are nothing but devils. There is no will to convict government thieves or return the looted monies and minerals stolen. Just look at Tanzania. Criminals are now pledging to return stolen money and gold in return for a pardon by the president to get out of prison. Some almost Tsh 5 billion to be return and will be used to construct more roads and power generation. And this is from the criminals already convicted serving prison time. How many of ED comrades being charged with corruption have been convicted. None. Zimbabwe will never recover as long as these dinosaurs are still around. They just will not die. Suck the life out of the youth who need to build for their generation. But look at the good coming. They cannot out live time. And their time is coming to an end sooner than later.

    1. If i get them right you get 50 units for 20.5 bond plus 32.96 units for the remaining 29.5 bond. Total 82.96 units for 50 bond.

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