Alert! You Won’t Be Able To Use EcoCash For 24 Hours This Weekend

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Your worst nightmare is happening this weekend. EcoCash has issued a statement telling people that its service won’t be available for 24 hours, from 9pm on Saturday the 16th of November to 9pm on Sunday the 17th because of a planned system maintenance. Here’s the statement from EcoCash:

Given that EcoCash is used by at least 6 million users, this planned system maintenance will affect the bulk of e-commerce and payments countrywide.


What’s your take?

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  1. oh how scary

    Why is that my worst nightmare when other payments systems will still be running?

    1. Martin

      What other payment system can the rural people who rely on ecocash turn to?

      1. Happy guy

        that may be their nightmare, but certainly not mine. The article starts off.. “Your worst nightmare is happening this weekend. ..” Maybe it should read “Rural people, Your worst nightmare is happening this weekend. …”

  2. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    Worst nightmare? Really? That’s why you are being given advance notice. Prepare accordingly. Anyways, some banks have had maintenance (and non maintenance) downtimes longer than that and guess what? The world didn’t end.

    Maintenance is inevitable with any sufficiently large/complex system.

    I guess there’s going to be a drop in EcoCash tithes this Sunday. Twabam!!

  3. small town girl

    At least they told us way ahead of time

  4. Mukwindidza Lloyd

    It’s not even a nightmare. There is virtually no business to transact. The economy is dead and buried.

  5. Morpheus

    yall just salty in these comments tjooo lol

  6. Dope Nigga

    At least we were told

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