EcoCash Is Not Closing Down, Says EcoCash As It Dismisses Fake News

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Amid EcoCash’s intermittent service disruptions, some people have decided to make people panic by cooking up doomsday warnings.

EcoCash has dismissed a circulating message that is saying the Ecocash service and other mobile moner services will be closed down on 1 December, 2019. The message goes on to say that EcoCash users have to empty their wallets into bank accounts. Here’s the warning from EcoCash:


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  1. Disgusted

    So they can be quick to respond to fake news but apologising and informing about their exremely poor ecocash ‘upgrade’ hapana!

  2. Anonymous

    when are going to enjoy the full ecocash services

  3. Tichaona

    have reported my case with econet on the 21st of november and upto now my money is nowhere.thousands are thronging the econet offices to spent 4hours at most going away with the so called assurances that never materialise . we are fed up with this.

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