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EcoCash Says Its App Is Not Yet Stable, So Use *151# At The Moment


Even though yesterday EcoCash sent out messages to its subscribers telling them that service has been fully restored, it looks like things are not flowing quite well in the entire EcoCash ecosystem. The largest mobile money platform has sent messages to its customers telling them that its EcoCash app is not yet up to scratch for use.


So instead of using the app, EcoCash is advising users to the *151# USSD code. Here’s the message from EcoCash

Please be advised that we are working to stabilize your EcoCash App & will advise when stable. We apologize for the inconvenience. Kindly Dial *151# to transact.


People often use the EcoCash app as it is less tedious to make payments with as compared to the USSD platform where one has to respond to several prompts to complete a payment. In addition, the app is zero-rated which gives users another compelling reason to use it for payments rather than the USSD platform.

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  • It is scary to think that one of the Top Companies in Zimbabwe with the best paid employees and programmers would conclude that a Service Upgrade is done without Testing all the components involved.

    What Upgrade and Design best practices are they using if any?

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