Econet Agents Not Respecting Sensitive Customer Information

Econet HQ

When you subscribe to a mobile network you share some pretty sensitive information that you normally wouldn’t want to get into the wrong hands i.e your address and your ID number.

Econet agents who sign subscribers up seem to not acknowledge the importance of this information if a stack of customer forms found in town is anything to go by:

One would assume that these forms would be guarded by the agents at all costs but this does not seem to be the case with the pictures in question actually containing photocopied versions of customers ID along with all the other information that these forms contain.


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15 thoughts on “Econet Agents Not Respecting Sensitive Customer Information

  1. But look here, did you see them dropping the those papers or u were told and chose to write 📝 based on assumptions nxaaaa

    1. Thats ubsurd, Ecocash customers have fallen prey to fraudsters coz they share their info and phones with friends and relatives, cant blame agents for that. As for the forms lying around, thats surely a deliberate attempt to tarnish Econet coz subscibers are given their copies and whether they lose them or not is customers fault.

      Techzim please do not be like Zimeye, write the truth, we have respected you so far, now you are becoming serial liars like shameless Zimeye.

    2. Do u know that u can also loose your very personal particulars which are more important than these forms, so what’s news here? Usangomake Econet iwe, ko kana zvakabiwa

  2. actually this is nothing to worry about. rather search google for the 2018 elections voters roll. you can download the database of everyones name and ID number there. lol

  3. Techzim masakurwa nekuzunzwa vadikani yooh. Shingai ndoozvinoita graft. Apa unenge uchiti wawanawo kanyaya kane musoro kkkkk.

  4. Thank you for the article. Those papers no matter where they are a the property and responsibility of Econet and its agents,so be vigilant and careful with your information. It is more likely that the agents are to blame as Econet itself not only files allcustumer documents but also shreds them to protect our privacy when the are entered into their computer systems. Iam of the thought that this article is to inform not to persecute.

    Thank youTechzim

    1. Techzim mind your own business, musangoti kungonhonga mapepa mubin motsvaga news dzekudrawer tension yevanhu, if you need news concerning econet agents talk to us and will give you proper news.Maida Kuti zviende nepi isu tichingomhanyiswa nepolice mutown every day for no tangible reasons

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