Embarrassment: Zim’s New ICT Minister Being Interviewed About AI


On Friday when I saw that the former Deputy Minister of ICT, Jenfan Muswere had been promoted to become ICT Minister my heart sank. I sat through two speeches by the guy when he was still deputy minister and I was left wondering why he had this position. One of those speeches was a vote of thanks mind you!


His promotion to head up this crucial ministry clearly tells that President ED doesn’t know the importance of technology or that he doesn’t care or both. Muswere should not be anywhere near his position.

Here is a video of Muswere being interviewed about AI at the AI for Good Conference in Geneva. It will make you look for a rock to crawl under… What did we ever do to deserve this?


Why on earth was this guy at this conference? Why was he making speeches? Why was he giving interviews?

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49 thoughts on “Embarrassment: Zim’s New ICT Minister Being Interviewed About AI

  1. It’s so pathetic that Doctorate degrees are no longer awarded on merit but on who you know. This marks further destruction to our already ailing economy. Where are we heading as a nation?

  2. wtf… zimbabwe is officially sh*tsburg!

    Mugabe fcked up so bad that even the stupidest idiot can now just be made minister. How did we allow this to happen to our beloved nation. Troll all you want but ed and his minions are clueless and are ruining this country!

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