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{Updated} Here’s How You Can Buy Netone & Telecel Airtime Using EcoCash On WhatsApp

Update: We have changed the WhatsApp number to 0717684274

Buying Netone, Telecel or Econet airtime from us just got easier. Instead of walking up to a street vendor (who charge a premium) to buy airtime scratch cards, you can easily buy any network’s airtime with EcoCash straight from your WhatsApp in the comfort of your home. The process of buying airtime with EcoCash on WhatsApp is not even rocket science at all- I swear even a 5th Grader primary school kid can easily do it. Check out the following process:

Step 1 – First off, save our new number in your phone: 0717684274

Step 2 – Open your WhatsApp

Step 3 – Open the WhatsApp chat of the above number which you have already saved in your phone

Step 4 – Send the magical word ” Airtime” to that number and you will instantly receive a reply (see below) that tells you how you can buy the airtime.

Suppose you want Netone’s airtime worth RTGS$ 2, you merely have to reply with this message: 2#071XXXXXX#077XXXXXX. In which case “2” stands for the amount of airtime you want to buy, “071XXXXXX” stands for the Netone (or it could be a Telecel or Econet number) which will receive the airtime and ” 077XXXXXX” is the EcoCash number that will make the payment.

Step 5 – EcoCash will then ask for your pin-code to make the payment of the airtime. After putting the pin, your airtime will automatically get credited in your Netone, Telecel or Econet line/sim card.

It won’t take more than 2 minutes to receive your airtime. If you wait more than 2 minutes then you can contact our customer support team on WhatsApp on the following number: 0715071199

Besides buying airtime on WhatsApp,you can also buy it on Facebook, on our website, and our app as well.

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Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

7 thoughts on “{Updated} Here’s How You Can Buy Netone & Telecel Airtime Using EcoCash On WhatsApp

    1. Haha, I would argue by buying from us you’re also supporting people who really need it? But that’s a choice for the consumer to make…

  1. I have to give out my pin to buy airtime from someone who I don’t know??? Shouldn’t you guys be advocating privacy in this day and age. Shuwa shuwa kupa munhu pin yangu ye ecocash? Imi ityai Mwari

  2. @ Reezy. Ecocash asks for your pin whenever you are paying for anything. Read properly before you make comments. This is another alternative way to buy airtime especially considering that vendors will not sell you netone airtime for a dollar if you are paying them via ecocash hence the article says premium. The big plus for me is that you may not have data bundles or wifi but have whatsapp bundles and be able to buy the airtime. Thanks for the info

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