OK Zim Now Has An eCommerce Store

At the beginning of 2019, Spar launched an eCommerce store and whilst its taken OK 9 months to start competing with Spar on the web as they do on the ground, the retail giant has now launched their own eCommerce store.

OK’s eCommerce store allows buyers to browse through OK’s catalogue of products. Surprisingly the prices of all the products on the eCommerce store are in US$ denomination. I tried to add a few products to my cart and checkout to see if I would get an option to switch to ZW$ and that led to another problem…

Upon getting to the site I registered but I still can’t log in. Even if I access the login button at checkout or whatever stage of the shopping process, I fill out my details and the page just reloads and I’m still not logged in. Initially, I thought maybe there was something wrong with my browser but after using a different browser the problem persisted.


Whilst the site is already up and filled with listings it doesn’t seem to be working very well at the time of writing. One other observation I made is that Spars website is currently faster than that of OK’s but these are all things that can be improved upon and tweaked and so should not be a nail in OK’s eCommerce hopes.

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6 thoughts on “OK Zim Now Has An eCommerce Store

  1. Why have you left out Food World. Last year in November and December I would use it to buy Beers and go to the shop as I would get preferential treatment when queues where a menace.

  2. I have been able to buy from the website without any problems and it’s working well for me. It could be a unique problem just for you.

  3. I have been using this website to buy grocery for family back home and I have never had any hassles. Maybe what you experienced was just a glitch at that time?

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