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Telecel Employees Protest Low Wages

Telecel employees staged a sit-in protest yesterday after reaching deadlock in a meeting where the staff had called for salaries to be reviewed to no avail.

An unidentified source which spoke to Nehanda Radio added that the workers would not vacate the boardroom until Wednesday when they expect CEO Angeline Vere to be back:

The management particularly the chief executive (Angeline Vere) said the company’s coffers are dry and said she will get back to us on Wednesday.

So we will not leave the boardroom as we await for her on Wednesday. We can’t afford to pay for transport and the salary erosion needs cushioning. Management is enjoying big perks while we suffer.

The board chair James Makamba and Vere are making decisions for self enrichment rather than Telecel’s interests. Minister Muswere must intervene.

Telecel has been in crisis for a number of years now and this year a number of worrying revelations have been made that put the long term viability of the company in question:

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