eSports Zimbabwe Signs Zims First Professional Gamer

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eSports Zimbabwe has signed their first professional game, Zibusiso Mangena who will be joining eSports Zim to play Mortal Kombat.

The professional gamer will be a full-time competitive player paid to play video games… I’m green with envy! eSports Zimbabwe will provide the following:

  • sponsorship for the player (events, hotel, food and travel)
  • management
  • An opportunity to represent Zimbabwe at the national level

Zibusiso is the first Zimbo we know who will be getting a salary to play video games which is an extremely cool development

Zibusiso’s blurred out contract with eSports Zimbawe

The first tournament Zibusiso will be participating in will be the Mortal Kombat 11 Zim Shakedown Grand Final. The date of that tournament is yet to be announced but if you follow eSports Zimbabwe’s Twitter you’ll be able to see when they make the announcement…


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  1. Jeremy mapira

    I am a gamer looking to be hired my name is Jeremy lm 14

    1. Mr Mutandagayi

      Enda kuchikoro Jeremy

  2. Tyoka marshall

    good stuff

  3. kirk samhembere

    I want to join and i am 12 years old but i am a good gamer

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Hey Kirk get in touch with eSports Zim via Twitter;
      Keep on gaming, never give up! What’s your favourite game and what are you playing on, PC, mobile, console?

  4. Mad Ketchup

    Am looking for gaming tournaments

  5. Anonymous

    Im 70 I’m proffessional gamer

    1. Isaac

      😂😂😂 eh

  6. Watchman

    Iam a gamer and will continue gaming ..playing fifa now and dream leag 23

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