First Looks At Cabs New Mobile App


Towards the end of November, CABS update their banking app, giving users a new coat of paint along with new features and enhancements.


In terms of the updated features, the following has changed:

  • Increased security
  • Biometric login
  • Blocking and unblocking your own card
  • Register on mobile banking, no need to visit the branch
  • Link your Bank account to your EcoCash wallet
  • Transfer to Any Bank Account in Zimbabwe
  • Buy Airtime for Yourself, Friends and Family
  • Find Your Nearest ATMs, Branches and CABS, Agents
  • Keep the lights on at home, buy ZESA tokens and pay your bills

These features will be accompanied by a new UI that looks much fresher:


The CABS update is great but it’s quite different in nature to what Standard Chartered did earlier this year. Their update basically moved the whole bank to the phone and offers more convenience than CABS update.

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4 thoughts on “First Looks At Cabs New Mobile App

  1. You don’t get proper balances when the app loads, you have to manually refresh the balances which charges you money, very stupid!

    If you have multiple accounts on one interface, you can’t tell which account is which, it just gives you a bunch of card numbers and you can’t figure out what’s what! Why can’t they just put names instead?

    Refreshed but some stupidity! Where is dark mode too, waaaay too much white!

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