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Global eSports Federation Launched


A global governing body for eSports aka the Global eSports Federation recently launched with the backing of Tencent (you know… the guys behind WeChat).


The federation will govern the entire eSports ecosystem from players to organisations and commercial partners. The main focus of Global eSports will be to grow and regulate the eSports industry – something that is now necessary when you consider the amount of money and attention coming to eSports from spectators.

We are excited to navigate the pathway and shape the future with the launch of the Global Esports Federation. The GEF will help develop the credibility, legitimacy, and prestige to esports in society by leveraging the history, foundations, the values of sport, and the principle of harnessing technology and innovation for sports. The commitment of Tencent and the vision of the leadership team are evident in this groundbreaking moment to join GEF as our Founding Global Partner. The inclusion of Tencent will tremendously help in the growth, education, culture, and wellness of the esports ecosystem.

Chris Chan – President of the Global Esports Federation

The eSports Federation will be headquartered in Singapore and will focus on the following 4 pillars:

  1. Connecting traditional and active esports with the global sporting community,
  2. active youth participation,
  3. world-class governance and compliance standards and;
  4. education, culture, and wellness.

The first five objectives of the eSports Federation will be as follows:

  • Encourage and support the establishment of National Esports Federations with a set of relevant standards, guidelines, and regulations;
  • Establish an athlete commission, with a focus on athlete well-being, development of standards for fair play, career support, and education to ensure safe, doping-free, and ethically compliant practices;
  • Convene and stage esports competitions, conventions, fora, and development programmes;
  • Development of world-class governance structures and guidelines for the Global Esports Federation;
  • Create, develop, and stage the annual flagship Global Esports Games, with the first Games to be staged in 2020.

The launch of GEF is a bit confusing since a global body for eSports already existed in the form of IeSF (International eSports Federation) and its not clear how the two organisations will coexist and if they will collaborate to tackle problems within eSports seeing that both organisations have similar mandates.

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