Here Are The Phones That Will Stop Running WhatsApp In 2020


For most of us, WhatsApp is a huge deal. It’s the cheapest way to communicate and everyone we need to stay in touch with is on the platform. This makes the messaging service vital and having a phone that’s incompatible with WhatsApp is surely a problem.


As we inch into 2020, a number of devices will lose their WhatsApp support:

  • All phones running Windows Phone OS – (All Nokia Lumia phones)
  • Phones running iOS and older – (iPhone 4 and all the iPhones before it)
  • Android phones running Android Gingerbread (2.3.7) or older – e.g Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Y

For iPhone and Android, the OS’s losing support are from 2010, which means most people probably won’t be using those phones anyway. For Windows Phone whilst some of the phones and OS’s are more recent – Windows phone failed to take off and WhatsApp seems to have decided that continuing support on a dead operating system is not the best way to allocate resource. This seems like the final nail in Windows OS coffin.


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  1. its been two years Nadorid 2.3.7 ichinzii ichabva paApp. there is alwasy a Parkistan dude waiting to tweek all that and cash in.

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