How Has Disney+ Fared In Its First Month Of Streaming

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Disney+ launched back on 12 November to a lot of fanfare and excitement – with many believing that the streaming service to give Netflix a run for its money had finally been unveiled.

It’s been exactly a month since its launch and AppTopia – an analytics company – has produced a report on how Disney+ has fared since launching in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The app has been downloaded 22 million times in the last month with 85% of those downloads being initiated in the US
  • $20 million in revenue has been generated via in-app purchases with 81% coming from the US
  • In the U.S., the app has been ranked #1 every day since launch in both the App Store and Google Play
  • Over the past week, Disney+ has averaged 9.5 million Daily Active Users
  • 84% of Disney+ users are in the US with 16% coming from the 4 other launch regions
  • Since it’s launch Disney is already being watched more than Amazon Prime Video but still lags behind Netflix considerably

On a per user basis, Disney+ has 5.8% longer average session times than Netflix, and 7.8% longer than Amazon Prime Video.


User retention

In terms of retaining users Disney+ has started on the right path:

  • The first day after download, 35.2% of Disney+ users opened the app. This is much higher than other top apps which average around 28%.

Our hypothesis as to why this drops is that Disney+ lacks lots of original content. Most of its content is shows and movies people have already seen


Wider impact

Disney+’s launch has also had a positive impact on the downloads of Hulu and ESPN since Disney offers a $12.99/month premium subscription which includes Hulu and ESPN+.

Roku’s mobile app has been boosted as well. The app acts as a remote for the platform. We believe Roku is seeing more engagement due to people watching a lot of Disney+.

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