Podcast On OneMoney To Overtake EcoCash In 2 Years


On this episode of the Techzim podcast, we have a discussion on whether the statement by NetOne CEO Lazarus Muchenje that OneMoney will overtake EcoCash in 2 years is even possible. Some of the questions on our minds were:

  • Has OneMoney been growing?
  • What are the use cases for OneMoney?
  • How is NetOne convincing people to switch?
  • What would they need to do to make that statement a reality?

You can listen on the following podcast platforms: Google PodcastsSpotifyPocket Casts and Apple Podcasts or on YouTube (video below).

Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge

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  • It will take alot for one money to be there! They have to go through all what these buddies went through. I think there is more to mobile money services than just talk. I was looking at how ecocash started and today it had more than 90%market penetration and i was thrilled at the extent of work that was put into it.....OneMoney has alot to do than just mere rhetorics

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  • Thanks for the Podcast guys! I think one Money vachiri vana chaivo. Suprisingly, i can't pay using one money in any serious retail store esp Now when ecocash is still upgrading. What will happen if the Upgrade is over and ecocash is back to it's knees. I see oneMoney struggling with this..do they have the system that sustains the 13 million customers on their base..so they have confidence with the #ZIM banking sector YET? Still in doubt of them....but Ecocash has the market so far and makwikwi #Dude

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  • Lazarus Muchenje must not spend time talking alot...they spend more time talking than doing...Ecocash aggressively market their products --check in the streets...

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  • handei tione guys but to my suprise Ecocash is now up and running..pakaipa. 2 years hahadaaa these are serious jokes to be honest......chinhu chine varidzi ichiiii

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  • Apo their Agent lines take ages to get it refuting their claims that it takes a week. The problem is that they talk too much but less action

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    • I tried to register as they said just a merchant line last week but eish mazino guys! Ummmmm...i feel they are only covering their backs kuti vanzi they are doing something only

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      • i got both their Agent line and Merchant line 30 min straight.
        Am talking of Netone Bulawayo main.
        See their guy called Mike .
        He is brilliant.

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  • Hi Tech Zim
    I listened to your podcast [half way]and was intrigued by your shallow discussion. Do you guys ever take time to study and appreciate Mobile Money as an industry? This is the fastest growing industry in the world as a subsection of Fintech. There are case studies of other geographies quoting how second entrants and distant seconds have clawed back market share from the market leader. What are the CSFs for growth? What are the current shortfalls of the market leader that smaller competitors can focus their attention on? How will the market leader likely respond with? How about interoperability as a CSF? How did One Money grow 97% in 3months? What propelled that growth? Is it real or imaginary? Did you interrogate the subscriber growth in comparison to transaction growth? Is that 97% growth sustainable MoM or Quarterly? Even on use cases, is there genuine innovation being exhibited? What are the world trends on new products? How is the ecosystem being shaped by either party? When One Money talks of overtaking Ecocash, what dynamics on the GSM side would've taken place - does this mean Muchenje is inadvertently saying NetOne would've overtaken Econet on subscriber base at GSM level? Seriously, you always leave me heartbroken by your scratching the surface always and I sometimes end up dumping your articles and podcasts midway because they lack depth...please, dig deeper, research, research and research and feed us. You've a wonderful platform to assume opinion leadership but you short change us everytime. Good topics but no content underneath...

    I don't know for those in this industry, how they benefit from your articles and podcasts? But I think the day you enrich yourself as a serious magazine is the day you will start earning revenue through adverts as your readership grows.

    Enough Said

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    • Hi Enough

      Sorry to disappoint. Yea the podcast was (and is) more a casual conversation than a thorough business analysis. We did touch on these issues you highlighted though:

      "How about interoperability as a CSF? How did One Money grow 97% in 3months? What propelled that growth? Is it real or imaginary? Did you interrogate the subscriber growth in comparison to transaction growth? Is that 97% growth sustainable MoM or Quarterly? Even on use cases, is there genuine innovation being exhibited?"

      Perhaps we took too long to get to those specific questions. You are very right that mobile money is a very interesting and diverse industry in itself. Intention was not to trivialise it. Intention with this specific podcast is just switching on a mic while two friends are having a conversation. Points taken about the quality of our content.

      Hope we will do better and meet your expectations soon

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  • think this is quite aninteresting topic ,really like the way Enuf comes thru to analyse even though i ddnt quite listen to the podcast myself .most pple on the platform vari kudiira jecha on onemoney without giving indepth knowledge on why they feel onemoney will fail to gain market cognisance n the industry,well thought and expressed MR Enuf

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