RBZ To Launch Electronic Trading Platform For Interbank Forex Platform


The RBZ is introducing a new measure to improve the efficiency or more specifically increase the trading of foreign exchange through legal means- an e-trading platform.

Eddie Cross, a member of the Monetary Policy Committee said the platform might be launched this coming week:

Next week, we hope to launch the new electronic trading platform for the interbank market and if we can attract enough foreign exchange into the market, it will help steady the rate and eventually, we hope it will strengthen the rate over time.

Eddie Cross

The platform is expected to offer the following functionality:

  • charting packages
  • news feeds
  • account management functions

Additionally, the Monetary Policy Committee also agreed to launch a market tracker under reuters system in order to enhance transparency.

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P. Chokwadi
one year ago

You guys are dropping the ball….your reporting used to have depth and was well researched… nowdays you just rush to report and write articles without substance…. Already u talking abt the Rueters system bn replaced by a new system…yet u hvnt explained how the Reuters system worked…its disadvantages…n how this will affect the interbank and client etc…nxaaa….majaira kungoti Econet EcoCash….please research n find out mo…motipawo information

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Nigel Muzanenhamo
one year ago

great idea i like it am in !

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