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[Video] Zimbabwe’s Electricity Situation Part 1

In this episode we look at the current state of the Electricity situation in the country and how we are where we are. Check out the video below.

Below are sources for the video

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Zimbabwe Power Company


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2 thoughts on “[Video] Zimbabwe’s Electricity Situation Part 1

  1. Dear TechZim, regarding Kariba don’t make too much of climate change when both Zambia and Zimbabwe “upgraded” their turbines with inefficient Chinese installation leading to wastage of water. Regards Marketfresh

  2. Techzim with regards to moving away from fossil fuels and all that rubbish, think of it this way the Developed countries still burn fossil fuels for electricity, and if developed as they are, are still facing challenges going “fossil-less” with their electricity generation, then surely they cannot expect us to magically accomplish this “fossil-less” state, with regards to electricity generation.
    So I say lets build the thermal power stations and refurbish the ones that need a few touch-ups, we will worry about emissions when we get Zim online again.
    Regards Umlamulankunzi

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