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Creators, Multiply Your Income By Expanding Your Product’s Reach


Are you a creator? – perhaps you do sculpting, you’re a musician, an author, you’re designer, you sell designer T-Shirts, you sew extravagant clothes, you’re a designer, online tutor, game developer etc.

Well, I have good news for people like you. Through Gumroad, you could reach more audiences and earn more from your creations. One thing I’ve noticed with local creators is their audience comprises mostly local people when in fact it could comprise people across the globe. From my point of view that is exactly what Gumroad is set out to do -To bridge creators of local content to the international world.

First things first, however, there are certain items you cannot sell on Gumroad:

  • Items you didn’t create yourself originally
  • Drugs and other medical products, including those prophetical and anointing oils
  • Second-hand stuff, and any other illegals that you would guess of.

I would want to emphasize the importance of good pictures, they help. Invest in a good camera, take beautiful photos, I’m quite sure this will go a long way in landing a successful sale.

Personalizing your store…

You get a homepage that you can personalize. You could even change the colours around if you’re a Tech Savvy person using CSS.

Apart from appearance you also get a section to tell your potential customers about yourself and what you do.

Connecting with customers

What I really liked during my use, is that you also get to maintain a mailing list of all clients you have, and whenever you have a new product you get to mail all of your clients to inform them. This was so cool for me.

More so, you get an embed to follow form, which you can have on your Twitter, Facebook, directing clients to your Gumroad home page.

Receiving payments

Payments are received strictly through PayPal and for you to have a Paypal account all you need is an email and you’re set to receive and send payments. It’s also worth noting that Gumroad charges fees and that’s because its a company and it exists to make money.

If you’re going to be selling physical products you set your shipping rates and charge your clients based on where they live.

Forget overnight success

Selling on Gumroad is quite simple, however, like all the good things in life you should do away with “over-night success story”. It took me 5 months to generate meaningful revenues – hence patience and hard work is the key to getting it working for you.

PS: If you’re interested in selling on Gumroad this year you can reach out to Panashe Tapera on his email with all your questions.

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