[Updated] EcoCash Users Now Able To Reverse Transactions Via USSD

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EcoCash has introduced a new option for people who’ve mistakenly sent money to the wrong individual.

By dialling *150# and selecting option 3 (Self Help/Reversal) EcoCash subscribers can either submit a reversal or approve the reversal of a transaction.

Transaction reversal will require both parties to approve, so those of you who thought they would be vulnerable to people when they sell something and then the other party later reverses the transaction you have no reason to worry.

One can initiate a reversal and the recipient will have to approve before the reversal is actually complete.

Whilst this can get complicated if the recipient chooses not to approve the reversal the option is meant to settle reversal cases where the recipient is willing to cooperate without needing to have to approach EcoCash.

The ability to reverse transactions is not entirely new. It already existed on the EcoCash self-service portal but now it’s also available on the USSD making it less difficult to access.

[Update] 27/01/2020: The self-care service which had the reversal menu is no longer available on the self-service portal


  1. The Principal

    It’s a half solution lol coz it depends on the trustworthiness and consent of the recipient. It gets very complicated when the recipient spends that money and stops using the line altogether, especially if they had given fake details to register on Ecocash.

    The best approach is to exercise extreme caution when sending money via Ecocash, before entering your final pin.

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      True but having the ability to reverse without the recipients participation would mean you can buy something from someone and later just take your money back. A really difficult feature to automate and it seems this is the best way to implement it right now

  2. Uhuru

    That is if Ecosure has not yet deducted the funds from the receipient!

    1. Farai Mudzingwa


  3. kombo

    Please check the ussd code you wrote in the article

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Thanks for that. That’s where the feature was yesterday but it’s been moved now

  4. Anesu Napsta

    The option is gone now, baaaad idea

  5. Anonymous

    i cant find that my option number 3 is merchant/biller code search

  6. Nigel

    I met a guy who paid for a soccer game ticket at the gate but the cashier didn’t receive the confirmation and he didn’t get his ticket. They didn’t let him in the game and he couldn’t get a refund because $20 wasn’t worth the effort. This feature would have helped him.

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Certainly, I’m pretty surprised by the number of people saying the feature is useless.

      When you send money to the wrong person both of you have to go to EcoCash to get it reversed and depending on your schedules that might prove very difficult. Also for the other party they might not be motivated to spend money on transport to fix a mess the sender made.
      This feature allows people to avoid all that

  7. munyaradzi i gomwe

    option 3 ikuburitsa zvebiller code asi mukutaura agent lines chete here

  8. governor

    what happened to option 3 of self reversal care it was a good idea

  9. Lewis

    I was robbed by some guy called Malcom Stanley and I sent him money for passport. I don’t know how to reverse my money. How do I even tell the police?

  10. Brandon

    at least there should be an active online group to assist on such issues

  11. Benson Matiza

    ZESA PAYMENT : your account is debited for an amount of 100 RTGS$ for ZESAPAY with TXN ID: BP200824.1416.L29562.

    My account was debited, but I didn’t receive the token

  12. Lazarus

    Hie can you help on 27 December 2020 I purchased $2500usd airtym online to no: netone 0715054156 using Ecocash line no# 0782342581.
    The airtym didn’t top up on netone line but on my Ecocash wallet $2500usd it was deducted

  13. Nicol Redzo

    5 February 2021 i tried to buy airtime for my netone number. The money did not reflect in my netone number but money was deducted from my ecocash account. Wanted to use the air time urgently. Help me get money back or recharge the netone. Where is the money gone? Ecocash 0772948848 number intended to be recharged 0713463160

  14. Craig O P

    What’s a transaction reference

  15. Makombe Kudakwashe

    I bought data using ecocash the data wasn’t delivered to the intended number although funds were deducted fro my ecocash account. How do i get my money back or my data

  16. Melford Mutara

    Hie can you help on 28 May 2021 I paid my council bill of RTGS $1175.15 at Marondera Municipality using Ecocash line no# 0776474764 to merchant code 412891.
    The transaction was not successful but on my Ecocash wallet it was deducted

  17. Deedie

    l bought a netone wifi bundle and ddnt get the bundle