Franchise Model One Of The Keys To OneMoney’s Growth – NetOne CEO

OneMoney has been on an upward trajectory for a while now. In October, NetOne revealed that their mobile money platform had gained 97% in a single quarter.

In a recent interview, Lazarus Muchenje (CEO of NetOne) revealed some of the strategies behind the growth of OneMoney and offers insight on what has changed at NetOne over the last year and a half.

Muchenje says the company has broken down the country into 5 operating regions -which they call zones- and within each of these zones, a manager has been appointed. The managers have captains and brand ambassadors at the communal level who know how best to provide a service for people in that specific zone.


This sounds like a fascinating approach because the customers get to see use cases from their point of view and not a one-size-fits-all approach which might be great for acquiring certain subscribers but equally alienates others.

The CEO also says NetOne has adopted a franchise model where they “capacitate local shops, rural shops and growth points.” The 1500 franchise shops (up from 34 shops) currently available helps customers to access NetOne services without having to go to shops.

Another clear benefit of this model is that whilst NetOne is expanding their reach they don’t have to allocate as much financial resources as they would if they were actually building out NetOne shops in these areas.

Outside of helping move the needle with OneMoney subscribers, Muchenje says this model has also helped onboard NetOne 700 000 subscribers.

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