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Schools Block Students From Accessing Results Online Over Unpaid Fees


The issue of unpaid fees is a complex one. Schools believe if they let a child with unpaid fees access the results after national examinations then they’ve rendered service for free since the chances of that child paying are next to none.


The online results portal potentially gave students an option to avoid the fate of withheld results but it now appears the schools have found a way to stop children owing fees from accessing the results.

Headmaster’s or system centre admins as ZIMSEC prefers to call them can activate and equally deactivate users – which prevents candidates from accessing their results.


The system centre admins can also reset a users’ password rendering their account useless and ensuring they cant create a new one since they’ll get an error informing them that the account they are trying to make already exists.

Screenshot of the System centre’s side

Zimpricescheck also reported another way in which schools can prevent students/former candidates from accessing their results:

They just create an account in the name of the student. When the student tries to create an account they will be told the account already exists.

Whilst this method is easily fixable by a student resetting their password, the system level deactivation might be harder to go around.

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  • dear Tech Zim surely you do not no the system.No headmaster is blocking any student from accessing his or her results.

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  • This is not the right way to block students from accessing results. There is invasion of privacy there.

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  • the idea of not paying school fees must be dealt with schools only

    Zimsec must provide it services regardless of the poor we want advanced technology in Zimbabwe

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  • But is it true kut unomaona maresults online, coz last year sister yangu yaka tryer akaona akapasa but paakazo notora akawana akafoira

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  • im also having a problem on accessing my results if anyone can help its logging in but no option to see results.on the far left Conner its written zimsec portal and on the far right comer its written accounting services analog off

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