Twitter Considering Feature That Allows Users To Send Each Other Money

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Applications such as Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook are constantly in development. New features are mapped out way before regular users get round to using them and according to The Information, one such feature being considered within Twitter has to do with users sending each other money.

The rumoured feature is said to be more similar to a tip more than a money sending service:

Twitter is also considering a feature that will allow users to tip—sending each other money from their tweets—according to two people familiar with the company’s decisions. It couldn’t be learned when the tipping feature will debut or whether the microtransactions play will see Twitter linking up with Dorsey’s other company, Square.

With the feature being in its early stages and without any official information from the social media company it’s not clear how exactly it will work.

Other ambitious features rumoured to be in the works include a decentralised social network, The project’s goals are to improve the transparency around how online platforms practice policy enforcement and to build algorithms that power social feeds. Ultimately, Twitter is supposed to run on this decentralised network…

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