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[Video] EcoCash CEO Thanks Users For Patience During Bumpy Upgrade


EcoCash’s CEO Natalie Jabangwe thanked users of the mobile money service for their patience with EcoCash:


EcoCash’s November upgrade was marred with glitches and for weeks after the mobile money platform was in a worse-off state than it had been pre-upgrade.

It’s no surprise that in the video above the CEO mentions that they’re still working on clearing queries from the upgrade fiasco.


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  • Amazing Natalie, it only took you, what, nearly two months to apologise. Well done you!

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  • It wasn't "patience" if you had us at ransom. A hostage is not 2patient" for staying with his captors - he is under lock and key and watchful guard, but does not want to be there!

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  • Nanhasi dzimwe mari dzedu dzakanyura and you say u are apologizing does that bring our money back tatoneta nekuzvifambira hapana chiri kufamba its story after story nxaaaaa

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