Wanna Kicks Is An AR App That Lets You Try On Sneakers

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There are things that are certain in life. The sun rises from the east. We drink to quench our thirst and smart rinotangira kutsoka. Don’t ask me why that’s the case – I don’t make the rules.

Whilst the first two certainties I mentioned don’t need much mulling over, the third one requires that you constantly make choices. Choices regarding which shoes you’re going to wear and about which shoes you’re going to buy. Wanna Kicks helps with the latter.

The application uses Augmented Reality to let you try on sneakers you might want to buy. I can think of two situations where this comes in handy:

  1. You’re buying shoes online and you want to have an idea of how the shoes will on you. Just point the camera at your feet and you’ll know.
  2. You’re not necessarily looking to buy shoes but you do want to switch your style and thus you’re just going through all the shoes in the app to see what might suit you.

Wanna Kicks is extremely easy to use. You fire up the app, choose from the 10 sneakers currently available (it’s still in beta), and then you point your camera at your feet.

Because the app is in beta, sometimes you get really great results and on other occasions, you get not so great results – that’s just the name of the beta game I guess.

The app last got an updated just before Christmas and hopefully, they’ll keep refining it and adding in more sneakers so some of us who are interested in this sort of thing can continue seeing which trendy designs fit us best and we make informed purchase decisions

Download Wanna Kicks on Android

Download Wanna Kicks on iOS

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